How to move fast, enjoy customers, and continually innovate to thrive in today’s economy by having the API Product Mindset?

How do APIs work?

Let’s imagine how do they work with a real-time example.

Think that you’re on LinkedIn and you’re attempting to discover a few companies within the fintech space.

You sort out your keywords (industry, location, etc.) and LinkedIn executes the outcomes from its database of thousands of companies in less than a second.

This request, sending by the user runs almost instantaneously, is likely facilitated by LinkedIn’s Company Search API.

LinkedIn APIs may provide information ranging from…

In this article, I’ll clarify how to define success for your product by defining the one important “metric that matters” and then how to set the appropriate goals.

What is the one metric that is most important to your company strategy and that boosts your team? The answer depends on the aim of the product and the vision of the company. The active users for Facebook, the volume of messages for WhatsApp, gross merchandise for eBay, and overall payment volume for PayPal.

eBay’s case:

What is an Epic?

Products are typically described by hundreds of requirements which are organized in the product backlog.

Epics cannot be completed in one sprint so they are broken into more user stories and subsequently a group of related tasks. Epics are then delivered in releases.

User Story:

User stories are basic, but extremely powerful constructs: from a user’s point of view, they depict pieces of functionality, presented in a solid, compact way. They represent a specific category of consumer needs and the value to be acquired. The format is very straightforward and easy to use. Several variants exist, including:

I strongly believe that in a cohesive, well-functioning team, people are willing to go the extra mile even if it makes them (a bit) unhappy for the duration of the task. They will accept this for the greater good.

We can measure the happiness of a well-functioning team through below listed questions.

  • Are members enthusiatic and energetic about their team and their work?
  • Are members willing to take one for the team?
  • Are members proud of their team and their work?
  • Are members happy to be part of the team?
  • Are members feeling valuable to the team?
  • Are members happy…

“The product manager is responsible for knowing the customer like the back of their hand — their frustrations, their daily thoughts, the context in which they use the product, and their needs.”

Prasad Thammineni (CPO of Choose Energy) outlines the 9 qualities of a great product manager:

  1. Strategic Thinker — Understanding the current needs of the product and how it fits with the company’s overall vision.
  2. Passion for Products — Love what you make, love what you do.
  3. Empathizes with the Customer — and understand the customer’s wants and needs.
  4. Interviews Customers — Gather insights from your customers, learn their…

“A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.”

A prototype can something as little as illustrations on bit of graphics, reports, analysis or interactive dashboards that you show to somebody. With this, you can demonstrate your abilities to potential financial specialists or clients. Be that as it may, with a prototype, you doubtlessly won’t get anything over criticism. Except if it’s an overly cutting edge thing that you will require a huge amount of financing to make…

Advancements in technology rise up out of a blend of genuine customer needs and specialized achievability and gainfulness. As a technology developer, we aim to serve to fulfill the necessities of customers continuously.

In this day and age, customers expect more, and they are available and open to novel products that make easier or attractive the life. Furthermore, it isn’t just the target result that issues, yet additionally how the customer encounters a product.

Below figure points out that innovation is an intersection of human, business and technology. With the enlightenment of this intersection and understanding customer needs, innovative products

Seren Özbek

Product Owner skilled in AI based Product Development practicing the Agile principles.

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